A small story in Japan

Written by Ahmad El Ghafari "A Small Story in Japan" is still happening, once the author still lives here. He is doing his master degree in Software Engineering at Nara Institue of Science and Technology (NAIST).

This lebanese student has a very precise and truthful way of describing his experience in Japan as a monbukagakusho scholar student. Spicy reading! Here are some pictures of his experience!!


Japan is organized to host this big number of tourists, markets, world wide commercial markets, stocks, business, projects, and shares. It is linked with rails, and there are alternatives, which differ in quality, speed and of course the ticket fees.
And, for people who have cars, they pay for most of the H.Ws and passing from prefecture to another.

They made in every single place something to visit, shop, or hand out in.

The market is active all the year, just not to leave any second that people don't spend money at!

They can create any lie just to make people pay while they are having fun!

Citizens are very spoilt!

Citizens are also under pressure, i.e. a lot of TAXes, a lot of annual payments.
Japan gives them the clean environment, the etiquette, the manners how to deal with each other. The organized buses, rails, roads, GPS, micro cars, a lot of heritages. Also, Japan gives them us, the international people, to learn, to open, to visit as much as possible of world wide people and cultures while they are just here!

Japanese people are controlled by remote control! They all do the same thing with the foreigners at first! They all are learned to deal with politeness and manner with the others, even among themselves. But, when it comes to the reality they turn to be very much ugly and bad and so much mean!
They simply don't care!
They just don't have mercy, pureness or a piece of heart!
Japan wants them to learn and open, but most of them don't want.

And, as in Lebanon and other Arabic countries the younger generations are worse then the older ones. Here, is much much worse!

Purchasing a house for an employee is somehow an untouchable dream!
My assistant professor told me sometimes they pay the stipend all along their ages, i.e. last payment when the man becomes 80 years old!
Marriage is after 30 for men, after 25 for ladies.

Japan is expensive, crazily expensive in everything.

But, if you organize how to go, and being clever in spending cool times, and enjoy with friends, you can do it with ease, too.

Sometimes as in Lebanon.

Japanese people like to drink, all of them, with no exception!
Now, if I heard that a kid drinks, I really wouldn't be surprised!
They drink at any time, in their offices, schools, universities, organizations, streets, bars, homes, ....
While working, while dreaming, while thinking, while not thinking, while talking....
And, it suits them, because they are beautiful and kind sometimes, just when they are drunk!!!

If you want to hear a japanese lady singing, you just let her get drunk and then you will hear super romantic voice!

---~No comment!

The advantages of being in Japan, that when you want to be alone, no one interferes your privacy.

If we want to me more accurate, the people who really tried hardly and worked on themselves, and read, and experienced overseas life, they are the Japanese people that you would really to set with them and be their friends. For example, my professor and his assistant.

Also, some of my Japanese lang. professors. One of them is married with an American, and she is really open-minded!
She was the first one in Japan that offered her help for me, and that was after she came to my dinner.

About, international people, us, sometimes we are called (Alien!)
Each one of us tries to find her/his best friends, places, safest conditions, and more secure environment.
Everyone made a lot of friends as much as possible, just not to feel lonely, and to tell our stories, the daily stupid, weird, unbelievable stories, and what happened with this and that...
And, as we are far from our dear friends whom we left them back in our homes, we try to make home!
People trigger parties, drinking, dancing, hanging around, sushi's Rest., Karaoke, and etc. parties.
And, then the role of Japanese people come again to share us and having fun with us, and learn things that they have never dreamed of, and they just go away like if nothing happened!!!

During the normal times, you help some Japanese people, they say many times "thanks," but they don't feel it at all!
You don't expect that he will be kind with you, with your help or not, with your existent or not, with accompanying your party or not. But, the good thing that when they feel that you understand them, they just disappear!

A woman who first came to Japan about 20 years ago. She told me how Japan and Japanese people changed from that time till now!
She said that every one comes from abroad, they think s/he is an American!
Now, she continued, they can a little bit think twice, Oh' no s/he might be not American!!!!

The fame of Japan is a lie! is just a lie!
I am sad to tell you that, and actually this one of the things that shocked me, and hurt the image of Japan in my mind!
Yes, the people who made Japan are not on the streets, nor in Hospitals, nor even in the universities.

And, about Hospital and medical issues.
I have just two stories of lots of kind.
The first story about me and the second about my friend.

The 1st Story:
I lost my glasses about 5 months ago, and they couldn't make right glasses for me!

The 2nd story:
My friend got infectious atheroma around 2 months ago, they made for her two operations. She was suffering the whole time. Now, she got another one, while the first one still didn't heal yet!

They are not helping at all. More than 4 doctors observed or did something, in two Hospitals, and asking a lot of people. And, we ask Student Affair Divisions of our universities, but no one can help!

We say in Japan don't ever think to get sick!


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