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Here are some questions that must be answered, when writing a paper about your research. They were provided by Mike Barker and David Sell and given to me by my amazing friend Ahmad El Ghafari. Hope it can help you guys!


Does the title identify the field of study?
Does the title separate this document from other documents in the field?


Does the introduction explain why the work is important?
Does the introduction explain what the work is?
Does the introduction explain the background of the work?
Does the introduction explain the rest of the document?


Does the middle present the important results?
Does the middle explain how these results were collected?
Does the middle explain what these results mean?
Is the middle logically organized?


Does the conclusion identify the key points?
Does the conclusion describe shortcomings and proposed future research?
Does the conclusion explain what this means, especially in terms of the information from the introduction?
Does the conclusion have a vivid, memorable finish?


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