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Interview with Saulo Dourado, a brazilian designer that spent 1 and a half year in Germany, working as a freelancer for some design agencies (SapientNitro, IconMobile, AKQA) in projects for Vodafone, Nokia and two automobile makers (that's a secret, he can't tell their names ;)), as well a startup called In Brazil, he worked for CESAR for 5 years, involved in projects for Motorola.

Currently he's a Interface Designer for Flextronics,in Canada. His job is to design interfaces for mobile devices, but eventually he also does some different medias (web, tv, car interfaces).

See more about his experience in Germany here and some pictures also!

Name: Saulo Dourado
Country: Brazil, currently living in Canada
Current Company: Flextronics, Canada
Specialty: Interface Design

1. What motivated you to work abroad?
Different experiences (know other places and people), travel, other languages.

2. How you selected the country and the company you wanted to work? What kind of documentation you had to prepare?
We left Brazil because my wife was hired by Nokia Berlin. Actually, we didn't plan to live there, but the opportunity was very good and we decided to go. We didn't have to do anything because she's a Italian citizen, and because of that we both have the right to live and work in the Euro zone. The paperwork that I needed was done by a agent hired by Nokia. Regarding Canada, I did the Skilled Work process (also known as Federal) in Brazil, so I have the Permanent Resident Card and I can also live and work here. In fact, Canada was our first choice, because it's a nice and English speaking country (and they also have the immigration process ;).

3. How was the selection process?
Karina did 7 interviews by phone/skype before being hired by Nokia. In my case, in Germany I was interviewed by the design agencies (talking to the creative directors and managers). Regarding Canada, I applied for the job online and did two skype calls with the managers. Karina was hired by the same company afterwards, so, we're working in the same team again ;)

4. How much money did you need to get there? Did the company sponsor you in any matter?
Both companies (Nokia and Flextronics) sponsored us, with plane tickets, 1 month apartment and moving costs(that's important). It's always good to have some money, but if you're hired and sponsored that's not a big deal.

5. How did you deal with money during the first month? How expensive is the place you live in?
In both cases (Berlin, Toronto) me or my wife were hired by a company. So, we we're not millionaires but we could pay all the bills and have some extra money. Berlin for me is the best cheap city in the world, Toronto is expensive.

6. Could you tell us a little bit about the company you're working?
Flextronics is a huge company that probably you have something made by them, but you never heard of them ;) That's because they never place their names in any product. They're involved in a lot of fields and have sites everywhere in the world. I work work in the Burlington(Ontario/CA) site, here's a kind of innovation center and I work in a secret project that I can't tell what it is, or I'll have to kill you ;)

7. What's your opinion about this kind of experience? What are the good and bad things about it?
I have the impression that I lived 10 years in 1. I left Brazil approx 2 years ago, but looks like 20 ;) I really lived many different experiences and that's what I was looking for. Regarding bad things: different people/cultures can also be hard, and I'm a Brazillian, so I'll always miss my country, and after living in Berlin I'll always miss it as well ;) you have to live with this "missing feeling", but that can also be good ;)

8. Any tip for people that wanna work abroad?
Learn English, develop your skills, be brave! ;)

More information on Saulo: (in portuguese)


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